Flexibility at the heart of everything we do


Flexibility at the heart
of everything we do

Every member of The Project Box team has substantial experience gained in big name organisations.
It means we can draw upon a wealth of insight. That we understand the kinds of challenges different clients face when they’re looking to find the best new talent. And that we know what works, and what doesn’t. 

Our consultants bring an average of 18 years’ recruitment experience to our clients. Much of this experience has been within professional services and the wider financial services sector – both environments

offer invaluable exposure to a wide range of other sectors. Our teams are based in locations across the UK and beyond (most of our Asia work is undertaken out of Sydney).


Many of our consultants combine their work at The Project Box with running their own practices or businesses in areas like recruitment, coaching, wellbeing and psychology as well as drawing upon their professional skills to support charities, voluntary organisations and their local communities.

Meet the team

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Sophie Facer.jpg

Assessor, Coach & Re:Dress Champion

Hema Shamji.jpg

Assessor & Experienced

Hire Lead

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Ruqaiya Asim.jpg

Advisor Intern

Elaine Boyd-Clark.jpg

Assessor & Occupational Psychologist

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Karen Gray.jpg

Assessor & Talent Operations Lead

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Shelly Lockwood.jpg

Candidate Experience Manager

Sarah Blake 2.jpg

Candidate Experience Manager & Lead Administrator

Angela Reding.jpg

Assessor & Coach

Annabel Collett.jpg

Assessor & Coach

Madeleine Zindel.jpg

Assessor & Coach

Abi Brook.jpg

Candidate Experience Manager & Lead Administrator

Sarah Krantz.jpg

Assessor & Coaching Services Lead

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Sarah John.jpg

Assessor & Coach


Fashion for futures 

We set up Re:Dress as a team to help give candidates the confidence they need to shine in the recruitment process. It’s an assessment style advice and donation service which is completely free for school leaver and graduate job seekers. It’s all about empowering people to focus on showing what they can do rather than worrying about what they’re wearing.

If you’d like advice on what to wear at an interview, or if you’d like to support this initiative, contact sophie.facer@theprojectbox.co.uk